How to update your work wardrobe?

How to update your work wardrobe?

When your alarm goes off every morning, the temptation to hit snooze instead of getting up and putting together an interesting outfit is strong. 
Save time with key items that always answers the question of what to wear for work. Supplement your existing office uniform with 4 game-changing key pieces…


1. The soft suit - Wear a comfy and soft suit that you don’t have to put any thought into while getting dressed. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple! Shop here

2. The Pencil skirt - Some things never change. The black pencil skirt and a crisp white shirt is still the perfect accompaniment for work. Shop here 

3. Wide leg pants - Playing with proportion is a risk-free way to elevate your 9-to-5 appearance. Embrace the simplicity in your voluminous pants by pairing them with a thin knit or a silk blouse. Shop here

4. The eternal tank top - Wear it underneath your blazer, or pair it up as a matching set together with your favorite trousers. Shop here 


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